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Over the years, we have developed some new products or new concepts in collaboration with our customers. On this page we would like to inform you about it. Here you will also find our publications in the most important trade magazines of our industry.

Water degassing for breweries

Oxygen – in breweries known as the greatest enemy of the beer. It leads to oxidation and changes the flavor profile of beer negatively. The shelf-life is shortened. Therefore it is important for all steps [...]

Serial number 1,000 for brewery Wittmann (Landshut, Germany)

For almost 18 years, corosys has been supplying the brewery and beverage industry with frame-mounted process systems, automation solutions and overall concepts for cold blocks in breweries or for manufacturers of non-alcoholic soft drinks. [...]

Electric mobility and sustainability at corosys

In addition to expanding its own vehicle fleet with electric cars, corosys promotes the electric mobility of its employees. Employees may load their electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles at the company location. Per employee an [...]